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As drugs kill tumor cells

As drugs kill tumor cells

A variety of mechanisms for the border combat cancer effect of the drug doxorubicin held responsible. This means an injury to the Erbmaterials the trigger of cell death of cancer cells through a kind of suicide programme, which is also known as apoptosis.

The exact mechanism by doxorubicin mediated cell death has not yet been sufficiently clarified. In one of the Wilhelm Sander Foundation-funded project is a research team led by Dr. Sandra Bien from the group of Prof. Heyo Kroemer (Department of Pharmacology) at the University of Greifswald by the mechanism of cancer cell death triggered doxorubicin resources. With the ever-improving treatment options for infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases and a related increase in life expectancy cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. One of the most commonly used cancer drugs, doxorubicin, in the many different cancers that can be used successfully.

Despite a more than 30 years of use of doxorubicin against cancer, the mechanisms on which the effects of based, is still controversial. Presumed mechanisms include the installation of the substance in the genetic material with resulting damage and the formation of the cancer cell harmful oxygen compounds. In addition, it is known that doxorubicin directly processes in the cancer cell activates the cell to move a kind of "suicide" to celebrate. This process is known as programmed cell death or apoptosis. These are throughout life in the human organism process held, inter alia, for embryonic development, the balance of cell growth and cell destruction and the regulation of our immune system is of central importance. Apoptosis can be very different stimuli are triggered. These include various cancer therapeutics and UV radiation. Increasingly, a role of proteins called Cathepsin's family of apoptosis operations discussed. In particular, cathepsin B in the centre stage of cell death. This protein is also under the influence of doxorubicin in tumor cells increased.

It is also interesting the fact that there are approaches to therapy with doxorubicin connections that are under the influence of Cathepsin B in the cancer cell doxorubicin damaging split. Therefore, studies on the involvement of Cathepsin B on doxorubicin triggered by cell of particular interest and could contribute to the effect of doxorubicin in cancer cells better. Furthermore, the results obtained for optimizing a cancer therapy through the use of Cathepsin B-activated cancer therapeutics, and therefore possibly a certain selectivity to damage cancer cells explained.

One goal of the Wilhelm Sander Foundation funded research project is, therefore, the participation of Cathepsin B on doxorubicin-mediated cell death of cancer cells using specific and innovative methods, such as the selective off the protein Cathepsin B, and thus fosters knowledge about the mechanism of the specific effects of doxorubicin in cancer cells.

The Wilhelm-Sander Foundation supports this research project with more than 90,000 €.

Foundation purpose of the foundation is to medical research, especially projects in the framework of the fight against cancer. Since the founding of the Foundation were a total of 160 million euros for the promotion of research in Germany and Switzerland granted. The Foundation is from the estate of the same entrepreneur out in 1973 died.

Signal failure and cancer

Signal failure and cancer

The Special Research / Transregio of Ras-dependent pathways in human cancer "(SFB TR-17) can be continued. The German Research Community for the next four years eight million euros granted. The Marburger from the cell biologist Professor Dr. Martin Eilers coordinated SFB-TR explores the signal transmission in cells and their role in cancer.

On reaching the location of special research area are scientists from Marburg and Würz burg. They examine how key features of tumor cells, for example, uncontrolled cell proliferation, programmed cell death or Chemoresistenz from the interaction of disturbed signaling pathways and the genetic status of the cells emerge.

The Collaborative Research Centre was set up in 2004 and since then a series folgenreicher results. For example, the Marburger working group led by Professor Dr. Andreas Neubauer show why some patients on the standard chemotherapy Cytarabine appeal and others do not, the drug is for acute myeloid leukemia. The results of the scientists may be used to improve treatment protocols. The research group of Professor Dr. Rolf Mueller has significant new findings on the blood supply of tumors proved possible, there are new approaches to therapy, the blood supply of tumors server.

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Long Legs Come In

Study: Long legs come in

A current has the following result: The longer the legs, the better to their owners at his counterpart.

In earlier studies were short legs with a greater risk for cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes in combination. The results of the current study on leg length in the scientific journal "New Scientist". For the investigation responsible scientists at the University of Wroclaw. One of them is Boguslaw Pawlowski, who says: "Long legs are a sign of health." Unconsciously, people probably were looking for a partner, the only way against health strotzes.
In any event, the experiment went like this: The male and female participants, 218 in number, was presented photos on which people with different leg length to be seen. The images were using pre-editing program has been altered so that the people depicted are equal, but with different leg pairs. It has been shown that people with short legs in both sexes bad results. On most attractive are the persons whose legs five percent longer than normal. Then both legs of the normal leg length, as well as ten percent longer legs in the assessment of the subjects on the following rank. Well, women can expect Pumps peripherals… But what do men?

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Aesthetic operations - Beauty operations

Beauty operations

Beauty operations are currently very trendy. Who would not like his old age small or large operations disappear and we again see youth gets back.
Even in distant vision to become a downright flooded with reports and broadcasts for beauty, the receipt.
But whatever discretion is the operations with many of these risks, including those surgeries are not so easy, as shown.
Each plastic surgery, whether fat suction, facelift or nasal corrections, ear corrections, medical interventions and require a thorough reasoning and preparation.
you should really such a surgical plan, think about it really carefully weigh all pros and reflect and let ensure doctors advise that you do not push such operations.
Also, remember that many interventions with some unannehmlichkeiten are connected, such as pain, bruising, associations, and much more.
Only when you are sure, contact your best specialists and doctors who definitely in the respective areas have much experience.

Natural Cosmetics For Hair

Current natural cosmetics for hair

Also in Germany , England , USA buy more and more consumers are not only organic foods, but also natural cosmetics. Especially for hair care are some products.

Whether shampoos, rinses, hair styling products or treatments: The range of natural cosmetics specifically for the hair care is diverse. A current products are listed below and can be used in any well-stocked reform house or organic supermarket to be acquired.

1st Natural shampoos:
-- Bios coma: lime blossom shampoo for fine hair
-- Dr. Hauschka: Macadamia-Orange Shampoo for normal hair
-- Eubiona: Vital Shampoo with nettle and pomegranate
-- Farfalla: Wild Rose sensitive hair shampoo for sensitive
-- Lavera: Mango milk shampoo for coloured hair
-- Logona volume shampoo with beer and honey
-- Sante: Brilliant jojoba shampoo for natural sheen
-- Tropicai: Hair Wash with pure coconut oil
-- Urtekam: Rose shampoo for all hair types
-- Weleda: Chestnut Shampoo for normal hair and strong
-- Wellments: Bamboo Activating shampoo for dry hair
2nd Cures and hair rinses:
-- Dr. Hauschka: Jojoba Althaea officinalis flushing
-- Dr. Hauschka: Neen Oil pulling for stressed, irritated gesplisstes hair and scalp
-- Eubiona: Care rinse with grape and lemon extract
-- Farfalla: Haarbalsam Wild Rose for a silky shine
-- Henna Plus: Natural hair conditioner for dry
-- Lavera: Mango milk and rinse hair conditioner for coloured hair and colour protection
-- Logona: hair rinse with wheat protein
-- Sante: Expresskur 2 in 1
-- Urtekam: Rose conditioner for all hair types
-- Weleda: rosemary conditioner
-- Wellments: Rich Repair Mask
3rd Styling products:
-- Eubiona: Hydro-hair spray with orange flower water and Walnussextrakt
-- Eubiona: styling gel with lemon extract and caffeine for a natural fixation
-- Lavera volume and glossy hair spray with organic aloe vera and bamboo for extra heavy maintenance
-- Sante: hair wax for short hair with coconut oil and beeswax
-- Sante: modellierendes and fixierendes Stylinggel
-- Sante: Schaumfestiger for natural plasticity, momentum and volume with wheat and silk proteins
-- Wellments: Style Designer Hairdryer lotion for maintenance and care

Adieu cigarettes : Smoking is not contagious

Adieu cigarettes:
Smoking is not contagious
The sweetheart, mother, uncles and friends have the tobacco From sworn? Prima, then do you also
Young women and men

The rules Glimm constantly to abdicate, is apparently no individual decision, but is rather unconsciously in the herd instinct. The researchers have now of the Harvard Medical School in collaboration with the University of California at San Diego show. In its analysis of data from the Framingham Heart Study provided, the scientists have to Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler noted that abstinence attempts always within larger with each other directly or indirectly related groups emerge. Whether people to stop smoking, therefore, relies heavily whether family members, acquaintances or relatives also managed.

Synchronous smoke stop

"We have found that in large social networks of large groups of people who may not even know, all coincide with the smoking," says Christakis. The physicians and social scientists reconstructed with his fellow Californian social connections of around 12,000 people within the past 32 years.

Basis for the investigations was the Framhingham Heart Study, a long-term cardiovascular study, which is already in 1948 in Framingham, Massachusetts, was launched. Using data on changes in the family participants - such as birth, marriage, divorce and death - and information about friends, neighbours and work colleagues, the researchers succeeded the impact of abstinence experiments in the social groups to quantify.

Spouse play important role

The influence of spouses who have already successfully given up smoking, according to the scientists is the highest measure. Because if the A stop dropped the probability that the other weiterraucht to 67 percent. When friends and colleagues, the effect of 36 or 34 percent down.

If the friends to large numbers of active smokers, the chances are abstinent to be rather low, as friends of active smokers by 61 percent more likely to smoke themselves. Even friends of friends of a smoker go to the truck to 29 percent more often. Physical proximity plays in the social networks are no roles. For example, smoking or non-smoking neighbors have no influence on the decision to quit had. The example of friends and relatives effect but even if they live far away.

At the bottom of the social networks urged

Christakis and Fowler has also been a change in the composition of social groups observed. "If you back to the year 1971 looks are smokers and non-smokers alike in the centres of the networks to find," says Fowler. During the 1980s and 1990s were smokers but to the brink of social networks have been pushed. This exclusion by smoking may be considered by the researchers not only bad for the physical, but also for the social health. "In contrast to what we in the school may have thought, it seems that smoking is a very bad strategy in order to be popular," says Fowler.

Relaxation - Just once do nothing

Just once do nothing
Who every spare minute verplant, lives wrong. Psychologists know that we need now and then a break
Winter Walk

No appointment, the phone off and just a few hours to do what is a just in the mind. People that not every free minute ver plan, but aware of time for oneself, relax most effective, reports the magazine Psychology Today. Doing nothing is in fact an important prerequisite to discuss thoughts and wishes are clear. "Our brain is constantly on a daily exposed to external stimuli," says the psychologist Stefan Baier from Offenbach. Because constantly and everywhere we should do something in buses and subway stations, we will through screens with advertising messages and messages bombed, we should meet friends, sports, excursions… the other hand, moments in which we are immersed in our bodies go listen, increasingly rare.

"In a weekend will be packed all this, what happened during the working week have been neglected: the house cleaning, the meeting with the best friend, fitness training," says Baier. "If this rhythm outer not stop, we will of course never to rest." But the psychologist knows how we can counter:

* You may as often it is a few hours for themselves. Make your family clear that in this time not to be disturbed.

* People with small children should be left the house. Take a walk. Breath awareness, and enjoy the fresh air.

* Who is at home, should radio and television off. Do what you have in mind, even if the first not so easy. Women like some pampered with a bath or see old photos. "Men relax by in car magazines or browse the alarm clock repair," says Baier.

"Many people find that they behave very differently when they are alone for some time."